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Last modified On 12 March 2015

[KB1180] Can I share audio from my laptop using ClickShare? (FAQ)

ClickShare captures both video and audio. Audio output was added in March 2013 through a free of charge Base Unit firmware update. Audio is available as a separate output from the base unit. Audio can be outputted embedded over DisplayPort if you are running 1.05 on the CSC-1.

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Tags:Audio • ClickShare

Last modified On 04 November 2013

[KB1117] No message on the AP20 or AP24 touch screen after turning on the main power switch at thre rear and the standby switch at the front panel of the AP20 or AP24. (Troubleshooting)

The touch screen remains blank after powering the AP20 or AP24 audio processor

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Tags:Audio • Movie Theater • Auro 3D • AP20 • Sound

Last modified On 04 November 2013

[KB1148] Where can I find demo material for Auro 3D? (FAQ)

This article explains where to find demo material for Auro 3D.

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Tags:Audio • Movie Theater • 3D content • Auro 3D