Last modified On 17 October 2013

[KB1188] Do you support iPad? (FAQ)

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iOS support in ClickShare


Yes, we have two types of support for iOS devices allowing you to become part of the ClickShare collaboration experience with your tablet or smart phone.

The ClickShare App provides a virtual button enabling you to share static content from your iPad, such as MS Office or pdf documents and jpeg images, as well as do annotations and selections using a pen and laser pointer. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. 

The ClickShare Link is an add-on which provides an external digital input into the ClickShare Base Unit, designed specifically for integration with an iPad. It enables you to show any content from an iOS device on a ClickShare system. Two different setups are possible with the Link, one with Apple TV and the other with an HDMI adapter and video cable.

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