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[KB1484] No image when CSC is connected on UHD monitor (FAQ)

No image when CSC is connected on UHD monitor

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Tags:CSC • UHD monitor • 4K

[KB1503] ClickShare application stops immediately after start sharing when DisplayLink installed (FAQ)

ClickShare application stops immediately after start sharing when DisplayLink is installed on the laptop

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[KB1500] Lenovo Hot Key software blocks ClickShare Button (FAQ)

Lenovo Hot Key software blocks ClickShare Button

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Tags:lenovo • Hot Key

[KB1499] When SSID is hidden, Button needs more time to connect (FAQ)

When the Base Unit's SSID is hidden, the ClickShare Button needs more time to connect

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Tags:CSC • Hidden SSID

[KB1444] Scandinavian, German or French characters in SSID -> Button not connecting (FAQ)

When there are Scandinavian, German or French characters like ç or ö in the SSID, the Button does the pairing ok but won't connect once plugged in into a computer

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[KB1308] Clickshare Launcher Silent Installation (FAQ)

CLICKSHARE LAUNCHER SILENT INSTALLATION for installation by an IT department

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[KB1489] Clickshare Launcher Silent Installation with MSI installer (FAQ)

CLICKSHARE LAUNCHER SILENT INSTALLATION with MSI installer for installation by an IT department

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[KB1453] Where can I buy antenna extension cables and antenna mounting kits? (FAQ)

This a list of companies that sell antenna extension cables and antenna mounting kits.

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Tags:ClickShare • antenna

[KB1482] My Button disconnects often or after disconnect the Button won't connect anymore (FAQ)

My Button disconnects often or after disconnect the Button won't connect anymore

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Tags:disconnect • distortion • cisco

[KB1477] Does extended desktop work on Mac OS X? (FAQ)

Extended desktop on Mac OS X

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[KB1187] How does ClickShare maintain color depth for images? (FAQ)

ClickShare captures and displays the image data using a 32bit color depth in an RGB color space

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Tags:Display • ClickShare • color depth • images • 24bit

[KB1469] Important notice for updating to software version 01.05 and above on CSC-1 (FAQ)

Important notice for updating to software version 01.05 and above on CSC-1

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Tags:CSC • signed firmware

[KB1278] When I plug the Button in my laptop, nothing happens. (FAQ)

In some companies, the IT policy built into the laptops prevent the use of ClickShare. This can manifest itself in two different ways.

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Tags:ClickShare • USB • Security

[KB1180] Does ClickShare also share the sound of the laptop? (FAQ)

ClickShare captures both video and audio. Currently not. Audio will be available in march 2013 through a free of charge software update. Audio will be available from a separate audio output from the base unit. The audio signal is not included in the DisplayPort or DVI-I signal.

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Tags:Audio • ClickShare

[KB1194] Is ClickShare compliant with HDCP? (FAQ)

ClickShare does not support HDCP.

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Tags:Compatibility • ClickShare • HDCP

[KB1449] ClickShare Tray icon not visible in Windows (FAQ)

In some cases, Windows users can't see the ClickShare icon in the icon tray

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[KB1447] The software package is not a signed image (FAQ)

The software package is not a signed image v1.04

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[KB1304] How to use an iPad with ClickShare (Training video)

How to use an iPad with ClickShare - Administrator tutorial

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Tags:ClickShare • iPad • app

[KB1305] How to update the ClickShare software (Training video)

How to update the ClickShare software – Administrator tutorial

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[KB1343] I'm unable to share from extended desktop (Troubleshooting)

When selecting extended desktop without a 2nd screen attached clickshare says: "Cannot share extended desktop Check the Barco FAQ at"

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Tags:ClickShare • extended desktop • amd • catalyst

[KB1401] USB Button is always connected to a USB Port of a Presentation Computer. On login in, the USB Button will get the drive letter "F:\" (FAQ)

The problem here is: After login, a login script will try to connect several Network drives, one of these have to have "F:\" as drive letter. We can't switch the USB Button to a different drive letter in Windows or tell Windows to set a different the drive letter of the button when starting up.

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Tags:ClickShare • button • usbport • fdrive

[KB1407] What mobile apps are supported on the CSM & CSC? (FAQ)

CSM/CSC Mobile App support

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Tags:ClickShare • app • MirrorOp • CSM • CSC

[KB1446] ClickShare . exe can't be started when McAfee is installed (FAQ)

Solved: When McAfee is installed on your pc, it is possible that you can't start the ClickShare . exe file. This is only seen on Windows 7

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[KB1191] Is ClickShare compatible with Linux laptops? (FAQ)

Support for Linux is scheduled for 2014.

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Tags:Compatibility • Linux • ClickShare • laptop

[KB1415] ClickShare Link and AppleTV (FAQ)

ClickShare Link only works with AppleTV gen 3

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[KB1410] Why do I receive color scheme has temporarily been changed info message on Win7? (FAQ)

color scheme changed info message Win7

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Tags:Win7 • ClickShare • colorscheme

[KB1409] How do I choose a ClickShare Base Unit type, CSM or CSC? (FAQ)

ClicKShare base unit type

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Tags:ClickShare • CSM • CSC

[KB1408] What are the future developments in this market? (FAQ)

Future developments collaboration

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[KB1406] How do ClickShare and wePresent compare? (FAQ)

ClickShare vs. WePresent

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Tags:ClickShare • WePresent • Compare

[KB1405] How are collaboration products developed? (FAQ)

Collaboration products

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[KB1403] What is MirrorOp? (FAQ)


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[KB1402] What are the technical benefits of the AWIND aquistion? (FAQ)

AWIND brings over 10 years experience in wireless presentation technology with their MirrorOp platform but what are the technical benefits of the AWIND aquistion?

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[KB1398] Base Unit shows errorcode 7 in the web interface (Troubleshooting)

When doing an update sometimes the Base Unit shows error code 7 and stops the update.

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[KB1222] When I look at my wireless networks, I cannot find the wireless network of the Base Unit. (Troubleshooting)

The SSID of the Base Unit wireless network is not broadcasted. How ?

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[KB1186] Does ClickShare support dual screen presentation mode in MS PowerPoint? (FAQ)

Extended desktop support in ClickShare client.

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[KB1189] Do you support Android devices? (FAQ)

Android app available in Google Play store

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Tags:Compatibility • ClickShare • Android • tablets

[KB1209] Is it possible to extend the distance of the wireless network range between the Base Unit and ClickShare Button with a repeater? (FAQ)

This is currently not supported.

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Tags:network • ClickShare • wireless • repeater

[KB1208] What prevents the shared content from being seen or accessed if the application on the Base Unit is hacked over the network? Is this possible? (FAQ)

There are two levels of security on ClickShare. First of all, the network between the Base Unit and the ClickShare Buttons is protected with WPA2-PSK authentication. In the unlikely case that this would be hacked, we arrive at the second level of encryption: the content itself that is sent over the network is also encrypted. Next to that, it is also interesting to note that we are not sending the file itself over the network, but only snapshots of the laptop’s screen.

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Tags:network • ClickShare • hacked • accessed

[KB1202] Do you offer remote administration capabilities to maintain and configure the Base Units collectively? (FAQ)

Functionality that offers central administration for ClickShare Base Units is scheduled for early 2014.

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[KB1193] Do you offer an API or do you support RS-232 so we can control the ClickShare Base Unit from other devices? (FAQ)

An API is scheduled for release early 2014.

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Tags:API • Compatibility • ClickShare • other devices

[KB1192] How does ClickShare work with video conferencing equipment? (FAQ)

ClickShare offers configuration settings that facilitate integration with video conferencing equipment.

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[KB1190] Do you support Windows tablets? (FAQ)

Support for Windows tablets.

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[KB1188] Do you support iPad? (FAQ)

iOS support in ClickShare

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Tags:Compatibility • ClickShare • iPad

[KB1181] The specifications mention 4 sources simultaneously on the screen and 64 simultaneous connections ready to share. Can you explain this further? (FAQ)

Simultaneous connections and simultaneous on screen

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Tags:LED • connection • ClickShare • screen

[KB1276] Is ClickShare compatible with Windows 8? (FAQ)

Is ClickShare compatible with Windows 8?

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[KB1381] Not Possible to upgrade ClickShare Base Unit (Troubleshooting)

Upgrading ClickShare is failing because memory is full

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Tags:ClickShare • update • warning • no space left

[KB1211] Can the antennas of the Base Unit be extended? (FAQ)

Usage of antennas other than the ones provided with the unit are allowed within the restrictions on usage of other antennas defined by local regulations.

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[KB1317] Clickshare Client doesn't start on Mac (Troubleshooting)

Clickshare Client doesn't start on Mac

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[KB1350] Sophos Anti Virus blocks ClickShare client (Troubleshooting)

Sophos Anti Virus blocks ClickShare client

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Tags:ClickShare • PQM • Sophos • antivirus • dll injection

[KB1245] When my Mac with OS X 10.8 resumes from standby the Button starts blinking red. (Troubleshooting)

Currently ClickShare doesn’t support “resume from standby” in Mac OS X 10.8. Solution is unplugging your button and plugging it back in. Then you can use ClickShare as usual.

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Tags:ClickShare • standby • button • mac • os x

[KB1279] When I open the ClickShare drive, my operating system does not allow me to start the application. (Troubleshooting)

When I open the ClickShare drive, my operating system does not allow me to start the application.

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Tags:ClickShare • USB • Security

[KB1257] What data is stored inside the log files, please could you provide an example? (FAQ)

The data stored inside the log files contain information about the current system state: component temperature, statistics about the current frame rate, number of connected users …. If the debug logging is enabled (this can only be enabled via the base unit WebInterface that is protected by the system administrator password) the username is mentioned in the log at the moment he or she starts sharing. In any case, no data from the screen capture is reproduced in the log file. The log files can be downloaded from the WebInterface under Maintenance/Logging -> Local Logging -> “Download Log”. The default administrator username and password are both “admin”.

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Tags:Log files • ClickShare • data • stored

[KB1264] Is ClickShare compatible with Windows 8? (FAQ)

The new version of Microsoft Windows has different variations: Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. For a comprehensive comparison of the 3 versions, we'd like to refer you to Microsoft's website. The next software release of ClickShare, planned in March 2013, will ensure compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, in the desktop interface. During ISE (end of January 2013), we will announce when ClickShare will be compatible with Windows RT.

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Tags:Windows • ClickShare • Compatible

[KB1248] The ClickShare client crashes and gives a message that it is not possible to write to the ClickShare drive. (Troubleshooting)

The ClickShare client crashes and gives a message that it is not possible to write to the ClickShare drive.

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[KB1247] Waking from standby does not work properly on OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8.x) (Troubleshooting)

ClickShare is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, due to some power consumption improvement in mac OS X 10.8 the ClickShare button need to be replugged in the USB port after waking up from stand by.

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[KB1246] My ClickShare Base unit shows the splash screen during boot but the loading bar will not move (Troubleshooting)

Let the unit boot further, it can pause up to 2 minutes during boot. When no movement is detected after 2 minutes please restart the base unit with the toggle button on the back and try again.

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Tags:Startup • ClickShare • splash screen • boot • loading bar • not move • progress bar

[KB1239] ClickShare with SW version is not compatible with MacBook with Retina display (Troubleshooting)

When using ClickShare with a MacBook with Retina display, the ClickShare application stops when I start sharing (Resolved as of version

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Tags:ClickShare • retina • macbook

[KB1204] Can I detect the network of the ClickShare Base Unit when I scan for wireless networks? (FAQ)

That depends on the configuration of the Base Unit: you can select whether the SSID (Service Set Identifier) is broadcasted or not. If the SSID is broadcasted, the network will appear in your list of wireless networks. If the SSID is not broadcasted, it depends on your operating system and the software you use to scan for wireless networks or devices. At most, a network called “SSID not broadcasted” or “Hidden WLAN” (or something similar) will show up in the list of wireless networks. By default, the SSID is broadcasted.

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Tags:network • ClickShare • wireless

[KB1182] What happens when four people are sharing their content and a fifth person wants to share as well? (FAQ)

When a fifth person pushes the ClickShare Button, a message will appear on the laptop of this user informing him or her that the central screen is full. However, the “Show me full screen” feature still works. When the fifth person holds the button for more than 1.5s, the other sources are removed and the 5th source is shown full screen.

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Tags:ClickShare • screen • share • fifth person

[KB1240] How to use a virtualisation software on Mac OS/X like Parallels ? (FAQ)

When using a virtualisation software on Mac OS/X like Parallels, there are two possibilities.

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[KB1237] How to configure ClickShare (Training video)

IT administrators, watch this video and learn how to configure ClickShare.

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[KB1225] The ClickShare Base Unit will be installed in a location that is not easily accessible. Can I use a USB extender with the front USB port of the Base Unit? (FAQ)

Yes. We have tested this with a commercial USB extender, where the local and remote unit are connected with a UTP Cat5 or Cat6 cable. For the test, we used a cable of 50m (more than 150ft).

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[KB1224] How many WiFi channels are available? (FAQ)

The number of available channels depends on the geographical region (see PDF)

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[KB1223] In Windows XP, I cannot see the ClickShare drive in the window “My Computer”. (Troubleshooting)

This problem might be caused by a known issue of Windows XP. You can find more details and the appropriate solution via this link.

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Tags:ClickShare • driver • windows xp

[KB1221] When I play a video on my laptop, ClickShare shows a black screen instead. How can I solve this? (Troubleshooting)

If you are playing HDCP content, ClickShare will show a black screen because of HDCP regulation. If you are playing a regular video, it is possible that the video player is using overlays, which prevents the ClickShare application to screen scrape the image. When you disable the overlay setting in your video player, the video will be shown on the central display. Please refer to the manual of the video player for instructions on how to change this setting.

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[KB1220] Do you offer DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels? (FAQ)

No, we do not offer DFS channels.

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Tags:ClickShare • DFS

[KB1213] How many Base Units can I install within each other’s range? (FAQ)

As with other wireless networks based on IEEE 802.11, this depends heavily on the existing environment, meaning infrastructure of the building and other wireless networks and devices that are sharing the spectrum with the ClickShare Base Units. It will also depend on the type of content that is shared, using the ClickShare Buttons. As a reference, 1 ClickShare Button sharing HD video will consume approximately 8-10Mbps. The maximum physical rate of the Wifi module of the ClickShare Button is 65Mbps.

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[KB1212] What is the type of antenna connector on the Base Unit? (FAQ)

The type is RP-SMA. Note that it is not permitted to use other antennas than the ones provided with the Base Unit.

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Tags:ClickShare • antenna • connector

[KB1210] Is it possible to limit the signal strength of the wireless network of the Base Unit? (FAQ)

No, it is not possible to do that in the first release of the product.

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Tags:signal • ClickShare • limit • wireless network

[KB1207] Do you support Bluetooth? (FAQ)

No, we only support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, commonly called Wi-Fi.

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Tags:ClickShare • bluetooth • wi-fi • support

[KB1206] What about interference with other wireless devices? (FAQ)

ClickShare works in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. This leaves you with many channels to choose from. The web interface of the Base Unit allows you to manually select the most appropriate channel to be used by the system.

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[KB1205] Can I connect to the Base Unit using my laptop’s wireless connection? (FAQ)

To connect to the Base Unit’s built-in wireless access point, you need to know its SSID and password. When connected, this link can only be used for administration purposes.

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Tags:connection • ClickShare • wireless

[KB1203] Do you offer a rack mount kit and what is included? (FAQ)

Yes, we offer a 19” rack mount kit. This kit includes the rack mount, mounting screws and extension cables to bring the antennas to the front of the rack.

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Tags:ClickShare • administration • mount kit • offer • included

[KB1201] Do I need admin rights on my laptop to use ClickShare? (FAQ)

No, you do not need admin rights on your laptop to use ClickShare.

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Tags:ClickShare • administration • Admin • rights

[KB1200] Does the ClickShare Button work with USB 3.0 ports? (FAQ)

The ClickShare Button is a USB 2.0 device. It will work on a USB 3.0 port as well.

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Tags:ClickShare • administration • USB • device

[KB1199] Can we fixate the ClickShare Button to the table? (FAQ)

There are no provisions to fixate the ClickShare Button on the table.

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Tags:Table • ClickShare • administration • fixate

[KB1198] Do you offer a solution to protect the ClickShare Buttons from theft? (FAQ)

We do not offer a specific solution to protect the ClickShare Buttons or detect that they leave the room. However, their design avoids confusion with a USB flash drive. Moreover, the ClickShare Button is designed in such a way that people will notice it when walking away from the meeting room (weight, size, cable,…). In the rare case that one takes the Button away from a meeting room by mistake, the AV Manager can pair the Button, when returned, with any meeting room. The ClickShare Button can only be used in combination with a ClickShare Base Unit.

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Tags:ClickShare • administration • protect • theft

[KB1197] Do I always need to start the application at the start of every meeting? (FAQ)

If you choose the “zero installation” scenario, you indeed have to start the application every time you start using a ClickShare Button. For the rest of the meeting, you can simply click the Button to share your content or to remove it from the central screen. If you want to avoid starting up the application each meeting, you can choose to install a service on your laptop. You can find this starter service installer on the ClickShare drive as well. Once installed, this service runs in the background. Upon detecting a ClickShare Button being plugged in, it starts the ClickShare application automatically. Note that you will need administrator rights on the laptop to install this service.

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Tags:ClickShare • administration • start up • application • driver

[KB1196] Do I need to install something on my PC? (FAQ)

No. When you plug in the ClickShare Button, a drive will appear among the devices with removable storage. On this ClickShare drive, an executable is available for Windows and for Mac. Double clicking this executable will start the application required to use ClickShare. When the meeting has ended, you can simply plug out the ClickShare Button and nothing will be left on your computer.

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Tags:Install • ClickShare • administration • devise

[KB1195] Can you trigger a display wake up or stand by? (FAQ)

The integrator can define a period of inactivity (i.e. no ClickShare Button is connected to the Base Unit), after which the ClickShare Base Unit will mute the video output to the display or projector. Depending on the configuration of the display or projector, this can trigger a standby mode in the display or projector. As soon as a ClickShare Button is plugged into the laptop and connecting to the Base Unit, the Base Unit restores the video output signal to the display or projector, showing a welcome message or introduction screen. Another way to control the standby behavior of the ClickShare Base Unit is by pressing the standby button at the front of the unit.

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[KB1183] Is there a “chairman” ClickShare Button that can control the other Buttons? (FAQ)

No. Each ClickShare Button has the “show me full screen” feature, which allows the user to remove all content from the central display and replace it with his own content, full screen.

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