ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware - v01.07.00.33

Release notes (Read carefully before installing this software)

Important notice for updating to software version 01.07 and above

After installing CSC-1 software version 01.07 or above, it is not possible anymore to downgrade to a version prior to 01.07 in line with requirements imposed by EU directive 1999/5/EC for RTT (commonly known as the CE mark).

Please note that firmware versions 01.04 and above are digitally signed to raise security level. To change from an unsigned firmware version to a signed firmware, an intermediate step is required. This step is included in firmware version 01.04. As a result, updating firmware version 01.03 to firmware version 01.05 or above requires first an update from version 01.03 to 01.04, followed by an update from 01.04 to the final version. When updating firmware version 01.04 to higher versions, no special action is required. Downgrading a firmware version to an older version does not require an intermediate step.


  • Users can now share Airplay streams to the ClickShare base unit.
  • Wi-Fi signal strength of the Base Unit is now adjustable.
  • Security updates and improvements including fact that Https can now be enabled using self-generated or uploaded certificates.
  • Corporate network integration (An activation code needs to be requested to enable this feature).
  • Compliance with the new EU Wi-Fi regulations.
  • Linux Client installer added in the Base Unit WebUI to be able to share via a Button on Linux (supported Distro's Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS).
  • Extended Desktop allows to select any of all connected monitors.
  • NTP servers can be added to sync the Base Unit's clock.
  • RESTAPI v1.2.

  • Standby: when putting the Base Unit in standby while sharing, the Base Unit won't wake up any more.
  • Missing Japanese characters.
  • Improved stability for ClickShare client on Windows and Mac.
  • Button connectivity is more stable in crowded environments.
  • Connection time improved on not broadcasted SSID's.
  • Portrait mode in Extended Desktop.

===Known issues===
  • software version or above can only be installed on Base Units already running or higher versions. If the Base Unit has older software installed, the software needs to be updated to v01.04 first before updating to v01.06 or above

Version: v01.07.00.33

Release date: 19 December 2014

Download (223.41 MB)

Software history

Name Version Size Release date
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.07.00.33 223.41 MB 19 December 2014
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.06.00.26 199.68 MB 11 August 2014
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.05.00.32 199.02 MB 15 May 2014
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.04.00.574 199.32 MB 20 December 2013
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.03.00.01 182.36 MB 05 July 2013
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.02.01.08 177.49 MB 16 May 2013
ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit Firmware v01.01.02.08 143.17 MB 15 October 2012