Collaboration suite 4.x

Multi-stream media clients and controllers

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Defense tactical collaboration system

About Collaboration suite 4.x

Barco has raised the bar in how video, audio and data streams are viewed and managed with our Collaboration Suite 4.x. The suite is comprised of software that enable users to deploy and manage audio and video content across an IP network.

The Collaboration Suite also allows users to easily configure, monitor and report on various products with a robust administrative tool.

Multi-codec software decoders: V2D, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4

Desktop clientDesktop client

  • Easily create and start sessions
  • View and control up to 16 live and recorded sources with bookmarking, DVR controls (Play, Stop, Skip Back, Fast Forward, Catch up to Live)
  • Multifacited functionality for various deployment scenarios: on-the-fly video switching, large-scale simulations, interactive sessions

Remote operated client (ROC)

  • Remote operated client (ROC)View high resolution video and graphics on tiled video walls, computer or laptop as a canvas, users can create custom layouts to view sources
  • Position, size and layer hierarchy can be controlled from a local or remote computer
  • Can be controlled by desktop client, web-based controller or API-based 3rd party controller

SyncMedia playerSyncMedia player

  • Simplified, single source viewer
  • Thumbnails to easily identify sources
  • DVR controls (Play, Stop, Skip Back, Fast Forward, Catch up to Live)


Web-based controller

Web-based controller

  • Window/PiP placement: remote window & layout manipulation for Desktop client and ROC
  • Thumbnails to easily identify sources
  • Zero installation required
  • On-the-fly video switching
  • No OS requirements

Admin UIAdmin UI

  • Provision and control all network entities
  • Discover and add devices
  • Flexible connection setup and grouping to support varied applications


  • Single-click connection: dynamically create and control sessions for varied applications — On-the-fly video switching, large-scale simulations, interactive conferencing
  • Centralized entity management: per-user, per-device control of all network activity, media routing, access and connectivity from a single application
  • High resolution support: cecode video and graphics steams of up to 7.6 million pixels
  • Multi-stream client: view 16 synchronous streams from any source in a single skin with DVR control
  • Remote application control: take seamless command of up to 16 desktops in a single screen
  • Multi-codec decoder: V2D, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
  • Window/PiP placement: remote window & layout manipulation


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