Barco Communicator software

Service and install tool for Barco’s digital cinema projectors

About Barco Communicator software

Barco's Communicator software is a service and install tool for Barco’s digital cinema projectors. It is thus a single point of access to install and configure your complete DC setup. To facilitate easy installation and maintenance, the ‘Barco Communicator’ application makes configuring and updating of all modules in a Barco Alchemy projector a breeze. 

Maximum usability

Designed to offer maximum usability, Communicator includes the following functions that contribute to a better and easier projector management:

  • Installation & configuration of the entire Barco Alchemy projectors*
  • Configure projector users 
  • Connect to storage libraries in the theater
  • Setup automation and automation cues
  • Configure audio channels
  • Manage licenses
  • Retrieve SMPTE secure log files
  • Manage RAID storage
  • Projector cloning (copying the preferred settings of one set up projector to all others) User definable access rights (assigning custom access rights to each user) Diagnostics Companion function (notifying issues and suggesting likely causes and remedial actions) The possibility to get a snap shot of the projector status

Barco Communicator in a nutshell

  • Service and install tool
  • Single interface for projector and media server configuration
  • Integrated projector upgrade
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Intelligent diagnostics

* When Barco ICMP module is installed (standard on Barco Alchemy series projectors)


Barco Communicator software

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