Digital media server: view, distribute, record

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About DMS-1550

The Digital Media Server (DMS) is a versatile IP streaming and network video recording platform. With its rich streaming and recording capabilities, the DMS allows you to synchronously capture and distribute multiple, mixed format sources across a wide range of networks to a variety of set-top, desktop, and mobile devices.

The ability to synchronously capture, stream, record and distribute multiple streams unlocks rich training, reviewing and monitoring capabilities and enables globally distributed users to share, consult, create and collaborate as if they were in the same room. Supplemented with powerful media management and archival capabilities, the DMS makes it easy to edit, offload, backup and manage recordings and images.

Backward compatible

The next generation DMS are backward compatible upgrades of our widely deployed server line and are built with future-proof embedded chipsets that offer a variety of storage capacity, performance, and form factor options to suit a broad range of applications. Additionally, multiple systems can be combined for load balancing and redundancy. Real-time NAS capabilities can also be added to facilitate the scaling of large volume storage applications.

When combined with the solution’s Management Software, device and user management, role and rule based policy control and auditing capabilities are realized, enabling endpoints to be centrally managed, monitored and provisioned with ease.

Key features

  • Synchronous recording/playback: Simultaneous capture and playback of multiple mixed format streams creates global situational awareness
  • Advanced media routing: Bridge and route streams across various network topologies
  • Trans-profiling for V2D streams: Optimize stream bandwidth and quality based on endpoint or network capabilities
  • Multi-protocol and device compatibility: Capture a variety of sources (including V2D, H.264, MPEG-2, UDP) and stream to set top, desktop and mobile devices, including Apple iOS
  • Real-time NAS support: Unlimited storage scalability
  • DVR time-shifting: Easy-to-use live and recorded playback control, skip back/forward, pause, resume, catch up
  • Customized video narratives: View live or recorded streams in simultaneous sessions with independent time-shift control


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