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About E240H3

With surgery becoming less invasive, surgeons are increasingly relying on state-of-the-art imaging technology as a window to a patient’s body. 3D imaging has proven to deliver significant benefits, such as enhanced visibility of patient anatomy, improved surgical efficiency and accuracy in laparoscopic procedures with shorter operating times. 

Stereoscopic vision for excellent depth perception
Barco's 3D display offers excellent, natural stereoscopic vision, thanks to flicker-free, low-latency and minimal crosstalk imaging technology. The display’s high brightness, high contrast and full HD resolution provide surgeons with excellent depth perception and the most accurate images. 

Thanks to advanced backlight output stabilitzation, the E240H3 surgical display ensures image consistency across all displays. It can be used with both 2D and 3D camera systems, which makes it ideal for surgeons planning to upgrade to 3D in the future.

  • 24-inch screen diagonal
  • 1920x1200 resolution
  • ultra-wide viewing angle: clearly visible image from nearly all angles
  • Anti-reflective protective front cover
  • Approved for medical use
  • Backlight Output Stabilization


Barco's 3D display for surgical imaging features:

  • Passive 3D technology with Xpol® polarizing filter
  • Compatible with 2D and 3D sources
  • Calibrated for perfect color reproduction (ITU 709 calibration)
  • Vertical & horizontal alignment for left / right images
  • Very low cross-talk
  • Front protection screen


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