F82 series

This product is no longer available.

About F82 series

The 3-chip DLP F82 projector is designed for 24/7 operation. With a wealth of options for accurately adjusting color and brightness performance, the F82 series can be tailored to a wide range of applications, focusing on large screen video centric displays and events. The F82 series projector is available with a variety of filter sets to cover all color standards from sRGB to REC709 color spaces to DCI colors.

Reliable DLP technology

The reliable DLP technology from Texas Instruments® offers unmatched image quality and performance. What's more, DLP technology has proven to be the most reliable of all microdisplays and will not degrade when subjected to UV light, inherent in all projectors.

Precise projection lens optics

The F82 series comes with a wide range of custom-made projection lenses for high-quality images and a reliable setup. Key features include adjustable IRIS and aperture settings, motorized zoom, focus and shift with memory function for use in multiple settings with programmed calibration. Most importantly, every lens uses Low Dispersion (LD) and aspherical glass elements for high-quality focusing and sharpness, as well as high optical interfield contrast. The lenses range from an ultra wide angle 0.8 : 1, to a super tele zoom 6.5 : 1. 

Advanced optical color processing

The F82 series projectors feature powerful optical color processing technology. By combining fixed and motorized optical filters for each color channel, the projector can be optically calibrated with ultimate accuracy. This also means that you can easily change the projected color gamut from standard computer graphics optimized, to either REC709 (High Definition programming) or a P3 color gamut that complies with strict DCI color specifications, without any loss in bit depth. What's more, the F82 features the unique RealColor color calibration technology that makes it possible to match any number of projectors, and ensure they all project the same primaries and grey scale.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The required maintenance for the F82 series has been reduced to a minimum. There are no user-serviceable parts inside, and it does not have any filters or other parts that require periodical replacement. The F82's lamp replacement cost is low, and typical lamp life is long for a low total cost of ownership.


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