IDS Server

This product is no longer available.

About IDS Server

The IDS Server allows you to schedule content on individual screens or groups of screens, remotely managed from a single application. Remote management can be set up from a single or multiple point of management, each assigned with different administrator profiles.

Flexible management

With IDS Server you can manage your DISplayers in an easy and intuitive way. You can send pages, switch the displays on or off, perform updates etc. All actions can either be done manually or automatically via the built-in scheduler. Content can be modified and directly sent to the DISplayer for viewing.

Monitoring and reporting

The DISplayer provides full logging of all played content for billing purposes, logging of network communication between server and DISplayer for service reasons. The system detects when a file is outdated so that the IDS Server can automatically send new files to the DISplayer. The system gives feedback about the played objects and it regularly takes screenshots of what is playing. Every screen can be controlled from one server application and screens can be grouped or subgrouped. External content databases can also be linked and automatically updated.


User-friendly system

  • Supports plasma screens, TFT, projectors, LED,..
  • MS Outlook Agenda look-alike for scheduling
  • Drag and drop via internet explorer, windows explorer, …
  • Sharing content between several users

Advanced features to minimize the network load between server and players

  • Out-of date function (smart update technology for content residing on players)
  • Bandwidth throttling – calendar-based limitation of the max bandwidth used by the server
  • Intelligent file transfer : media files can be sent by the server to one master on-site with local distribution to slave players


  • Screen dump (to see what’s running on the screen)
  • SNMP monitoring

Display management

  • Grouping & Sub grouping of screens
  • Every screen can be controlled from 1 server application

Project support

  • Link and auto update with external content databases
  • Several "virtual servers" running at the same time
  • Runs as a service + remote login possible
  • Full support for right-management (profiles)


For technical downloads such as drivers, firmware, manuals, drawings & documentation we would kindly like to direct you to our product support page.


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