Infinipix™ NP100

Image processor

  • Processes and transmits connected video sources
  • Manages one or more connected display(s)
This product is an option of the following products
X1.6, X1.5, X1.9, X1.2 LED display, X2.5, X4.0, R10, T8, T10, R7

About Infinipix™ NP100

The Infinipix™ NP100 processor is the next generation in LED display processors. It ensures processing and transmission of connected video sources and manages one or more connected display(s) – comprising a number of Infinifix™ transceiver cards. The NP100 is controlled via the Infinipix™ NM100 manager.

Infinipix™ NP100

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Infinipix NP100
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