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About MR-100-E

Barco's MR-100-E mission recorder is a standalone rugged recorder for naval applications. The MR-100-E captures, archives and manages mission-critical audio and video data. It provides a unified web service interface for an easy integration with the system application software. The MR-100-E is dedicated to systems demanding high-recording performance.

Barco's MR-100-E mission recorder helps to safeguard mission survivability thanks to a unique safe passthrough capability. This guarantees the availability of video and audio paths in case of critical failures (even in case of power loss). The mission recorder uses MPEG-4 compression technology, which is now widely used in modern computing platforms and offers the great advantage of providing high video quality while limiting the total amount of data.


The MR-100-E mission recorder features:

-recording of high resolutions (WUXGA) analog and digital video feeds, stereo audio input and metadata
-MPEG-4 compression technology
-replay while recording functionality
-safe pass-through
-local or remote recording
-optional multi-recorder synchronization
-MIL-qualified standards


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