Defense tactical collaboration system

A networked tactical collaboration system

About Defense tactical collaboration system

Nexxis for tactical collaboration

The tactical collaboration system provides desktop distribution and recording over standard IP networks for mission-critical systems. Encoding/decoding, recording, and system management products support real-time remote interaction between multiple users and computers with integrated review and wide-area distribution capabilities. The solution can add-on these features to existing systems while enabling future networked technology insertion.

KVM/DVI switching over IP – Real-time pixel-perfect video and desktop distribution connects multiple operators to multiple computers using open standard networks and streaming.

Display recording for After Action Review (AAR) – Capture what operators are seeing and doing, then debrief in a collaborative environment using Nexxis’ AAR tools for training and mission systems.

Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) – Share displayed visual information with remote locations via high quality low-bandwidth video and desktop distribution for wide-area collaboration.


KVM/DVI over IP Highlights

  • Connects multiple operators to multiple computers with real-time pixel perfect performance.
  • Uses standard 1/10Gb Ethernet switches and cabling.
  • Supports multi-screen zero client, server, and workstation configurations with rugged module or dual-channel rack mount packaging.
  • Each channel can encode and decode simultaneously.
  • Hybrid open standard encoding support simultaneous real-time and low bandwidth distribution
    • RFC 4175: RTP Payload Format for Uncompressed Video
    • RFC 3984: RTP Payload Format for H.264 Compressed Video
  • Decoders can composite multiple sources to enable simultaneous access to multiple desktops as full screen, picture-in-picture, or quad/multi-view with flexible formatting.
  • Low bandwidth streams can be recorded and/or distributed to remote facilities and viewed with standard media players.
  • Provides redundant network connections and safe pass-thru for failure recovery.
  • A networked video based approach supports a variety of computer and display configurations with no impact on system operation or dependency on system software.

After Action Review Highlights

  • Captures visual information displayed to operators in distributed computing environments.
  • Supports collaborative review of what all operators were seeing and doing during multi-user training or mission operations.
  • Connects in-line with display inputs to capture video synchronously from multiple operator stations.
  • Supports high resolution display content – up to 4M pixel (2560x1600).
  • Multiple encoding options:
    • H.264 open standard streaming
    • V2D codec – maintains visually lossless compression while being highly tunable for each user to provide the highest possible quality at managed bandwidth.
  • Supports recording of any streaming media from cameras or other sources in sync with display content.
  • Recorded content from any set of captured sources can be played back in sync using the original equipment or can be viewed collectively on a single screen.
  • Capabilities for bookmarking points of interest, DVR-like controls (including instant replay), and system/network/file management are provided.

Distributed Mission Operations Highlights

  • Distributes visual information displayed to operators in multi-user computing environments across multiple locations.
  • Supports live monitoring and collaboration of what all operators are seeing and doing during mission operations.
  • Connects in-line with HMI devices to distribute computer video, bi-directional audio, and USB actions.
  • Central administration software provide secure access controls and distribution management.
  • DVR-like capabilities support rewind/review during live operations.

Defense tactical collaboration system

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