Page Editor

This product is no longer available.

About Page Editor

Easy content creation

The Page Editor offers all the necessary tools to create attractive and dynamic content for your display information system, from basic texts and images to videos, flash and interactive objects. Page Editor is based on a ‘What you see is what you get’ user interface. Creating and modifying ad hoc messages on the fly and adding transition effects to playlists is easy.

Integrate and collaborate

Page Editor allows the user to drag and drop files anywhere from the computer and with the grid function objects can easily be positioned in the canvas. Objects can also be linked with any database, enabling real-time updates on your displays. Multimedia source components can be shared to create pages amongst different people working on the same playlist.

Supporting multiple formats

MPEG video formats for information display systems are supported and different flashes can be played together. Page Editor even supports TV and streaming video. Links with external content databases like SQL®, Oracle®, XLS, CSV, TXT, etc. is possible and also record filtering is included. The Page Editor is freeware for its users.



  • What you see is what you get
  • Advanced features to make attractive presentations (transition effects, text tickers, video overlay...)
  • Videomode Presets for all current resolutions/screens on the market (landscape & portrait)
  • Drag and drop content via internet explorer, windows explorer, … to page editor space
  • Project bar with drag & drop function into the editor
  • Grid function
  • Content timeline
  • No need for extra training as this is an intuitive interface

Multimedia content

  • All standard video formats for information display systems are supported (MPEG1/2/4, H264, MPA, m1v, m2v, MPG, VOB,…)
  • Flash (swf, flv)
  • Merge video format with one or more flash
  • Images, audio, xml, rss feeds, stock exchange, …
  • Multi layer definition (overlay), multi window definition (PIP)
  • Streaming video support (RTP,UDP…)
  • Powerpoint
  • Web pages

Link with external content databases (SQL, Oracle, XLS, MDB, CSV, TXT,…)

  • SQL filtering on databases on time/date/format/records
  • Eg Microsoft Exchange integration, …
  • Emergency system content overrides


For technical downloads such as drivers, firmware, manuals, drawings & documentation we would kindly like to direct you to our product support page.