High resolution front or rear projected 3D display walls

About Powerwalls

Use of a powerwall in the oil & gas industry

Barco’s powerwalls are large-screen display walls that offer a wide range of possibilities. You can choose between a variety of different components, including projectors, controllers and screens, to get exactly the power wall you need for your application. Even the setup is completely user-definable: you can select front or rear projection, a single or multiple projectors, etc.

Large-screen collaboration

Powerwalls are most commonly used as a design, collaboration and engineering tool for interacting with stereoscopic 3D models, or as a presentation tool for many different applications. The brightness, high resolution and color depth of the display make it the solution of choice in the Automotive, Oil & Gas, and other industries. You can also visualize multiple sources simultaneously, in any combination of mono and 3D. Furthermore, Barco’s versatile projectors also let you choose between a wide range of 3D technology.

Multi-source displaying

Better decision making
using powerwalls

By using Barco’s XDS Control Center software suite, you control all local and networked sources with mouse and keyboard in a familiar Windows environment. In this way, you can compare two 3D stereo sources in a window while videoconferencing with remote colleagues, or comparing the data to a spreadsheet, for example.

Presenting new car models on a powerwall in a showroom




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