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About ST-185C

The benchmark in large-format infotainment

Barco's 18.5” Smart Terminal is an ideally sized all-in-one touch screen computer designed specifically for the medical sector. Nominated as a finalist at the 2009 Design Week Awards, the terminal features a widescreen high-resolution LCD for the ultimate in patient entertainment and clinical access.

The smooth contoured design makes for effortless cleaning, and construction from antibacterial plastics make this the ideal choice for healthcare.

Why you'll love Barco's Smart Terminals

  • Smart Terminals are extremely reliable - with a failure rate of less than 0.3%
  • Hardware, software and accessories are designed to work together to ensure 100% integration
  • Smart Terminals are available with screen sizes ranging from 15” to 18.5”
  • Barco is a leader in interactive patient care with more than 100,000 Smart Terminals used worldwide.


Barco's 18.5" Smart Terminal features:

  • Modular embedded ultra-low voltage PC platform
  • Fanless and noiseless design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Advanced TFT/Touchscreen user interfaces
  • Water-proof and dustproof design
  • LED warning indicators
  • Advanced anti-bacterial and flame retardant casing materials
  • Range of options such as card readers, barcode scanner and microphones, etc. 


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