Coronis Fusion 10MP

Coronis Fusion 10MP

10 MegaPixel wide-screen diagnostic grayscale display system

Ultra-smooth grayscale perfection
Superb grayscale precision and improved visibility of subtle details thanks to proprietary 'SmoothGray' technology, generating an ultra-smooth palette of grayscales.

Pinpoint diagnostic detail
Exceptional image precision thanks to the 10 MegaPixel LCD panel (4,096 x 2,560), delivering superb brightness and contrast.

First-class reading comfort
Flexible display of images from various modalities with the seamless 30-inch workspace

A perfect view from any angle
Uncompromised diagnostic quality from any seat in the reading room thanks to sophisticated IPS WideView LCD technology.

Worry-free DICOM compliance
Continuous DICOM-quality, worry-free Quality Assurance and centralized asset management with MediCal QAWeb and I-Guard sensor technology.

Uniform brightness across the screen
Uniform brightness across the entire screen thanks to second generation Uniform Luminance Technology.

DisplayPort connectivity
Thanks to its DisplayPort interface, Coronis Fusion 10MP supports fast and reliable data transfers. It also has DVI connectors for a truly flexible plug and play installation.

Complete peace of mind
Complete peace of mind and lowest cost of ownership with the standard 5-year warranty.

Committed to a greener future
At Barco, we share your commitment to building a greener future. That's why the new Coronis Fusion 10MP has been designed and assembled with special attention for the protection of our environment and natural resources.

We use carefully selected eco-friendly components from audited suppliers.
We reduce the amount of hazardous substances (RoHS).
We make optimum use of material, power, space and logistics.
We build products that consume less energy and apply smart power saving techniques.
We help organize the collection of electronic waste (WEEE).


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