DVI split card

With Barco's DCB-100 DVI split card it is possible to cost-effectively drive a multi-display video wall with a single graphics card. The DCB-100 splits up a high-resolution dual link DVI output from a high-end graphics card (e.g. from Nvidia) to multiple single link DVI outputs. Barco's advanced DVI split solution can be integrated into Barco's PWS-101 3D workstation as a single PCI express slot. The DCB-100 base board supports four DVI output links. In order to allow a 1-to-8 splitting solution, a second split card (mezzanine board) can be directly hooked up to the base board.

Advanced 3D graphics
Thanks to this smart split-up approach, a video wall consisting of multiple projection modules will be able to support high-end 3D accelerated graphics without the need for multiple graphics boards.

DCB configuration

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