Enables to drive up to three blended Galaxy projectors in SXGA+ resolution with a single pipe IG

The Stereo-Creator is a market-leading, patented Barco technology, which enables to drive up to three blended stereo Galaxy WARP™ projectors in native SXGA+ resolution with a single pipe image generator, without any need for external equipment.

Advantages for the user are that the SXGA+ projectors are directly fed with native SXGA+ high-resolution information, containing far more detail, while possible artifacts and delays caused by external scalers, warping or blending boxes are omitted.
  • 3-channel native SXGA+ resolution with single pipe image generator
    The patented proprietary electronics of the Stereo-Creator™ process standard refresh rates (40-60Hz) up to the very high refresh rates needed for stereo projection (112Hz), inside the Barco Galaxy WARP™ projector. This allows configuring a single pipe image generator to deliver three high-resolution SXGA+ channels (1400x1050) at normal refresh rate to directly drive a Barco Galaxy WARP™ three-channel visualization display.
    As a worldwide first Stere-Creator is now available with DVI.
  • No need for external scalers, warping and blending boxes
    Thanks to the Stereo-Creator™, extra costs for external equipment such as scalers, warping and blending boxes, are no longer needed. Possible artifacts and delays caused by this intermediate equipment are omitted and optimal image quality is reached. 

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  • More detail accuracy, more information
    Directly feeding the projectors with SXGA+ high-resolution signals provides you with 4 million pixels of genuine detail (instead of 2.1 million pixels), considerably enhancing detail accuracy.

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  • Standard in Barco Galaxy WARP™ projector
    The standard built-in geometric predistortion WARP™ capabilities of the Galaxy WARP™ 3-chip DLP™ projector allow to apply the Stereo-Creator™ solution on flat as well as on curved screen configurations.

This product is an option of the following products

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