BarcoReality SIM 6 Ultra II

BarcoReality SIM 6 Ultra II

Ultimate performance UXGA LCD projector

This product is no longer available.
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A new ultimate performance UXGA LCD projector offering full form/fit function compatibility with the former SIM6 Ultra, providing longer and more stable light output and reducing Cost of Ownership with more than 40% thanks to an improved optical performance, faster alignment and easier maintenance

Improved optical performance
Longer lamp life and lower cost are achieved by a novel illumination system, based on a compact and economical 250 W UHP lamp in conjunction with optimised filtering. As lamps are carefully fitted in a lamp house, no realignment is needed after replacing lamps.

Faster alignment and easier maintenance
Faster alignment and easier maintenance is achieved with the new Constant Light Output (CLO) option, which enables the user to set a certain brightness level that is constantly monitored and maintained over time. At the same time, the improved optical dimmer yields more accurate contrast enhancement for nighttime simulation.

Same proven technology
Maintaining all of the valuable features of the SIM6 Ultra:

  • DynaColor eliminates channel-to-channel color variations through direct control of the primary colors by drawing upon the processing power of the WARP6
  • Gray Level Definition (GLD): Improved grayscale tracking across the different channels of the multi-channel set-up by controlling the black, white and grays.
  • Advanced WARP6 non-linear image mapping enables high-order pre-distortions electronically, without frame delay
  • Transport Delay Reduction (TDR) ensures minimal propagation delay (<8ms) between input signal and projected image
  • True Motion Reproduction (TMR) motion artifacts compensation and image enhancement to dramatically minimize smearing inherent to LCD technology
  • Chromatically matched optical engines with additional DynaColor electronic color space transformations for elimination of channel-to-channel color variations
  • Optical Soft Edge Matching (OSEM): edge blending for all brightness levels, including black level
  • Adjustable edge blending without black level correction can be performed using optional Electronic Soft Edge Matching

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  • R9040152
    (BarcoReality SIM 6 Ultra II)

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