Reconfigurable, rigid multi-walled stereoscopic environment

This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

Barco's MoVE is a multi-purpose, virtual environment, based on rigid screens and an air cushion system. It is a multi-sided 3D stereo solution that can be adapted to any need. It can easily be reconfigured to answer the challenge of the moment:

Barco I-Space

Typically suitable for a single user, the Barco I-Space creates a cubic virtual reality environment that surrounds you with high-resolution 3D stereo data. This is excellent for scientific research, interior design or architecture applications that need to get as close to reality as possible, while saving the actual costs of manufacturing and building.

Immersive theater

With two screens in a 45° angle, an audience can be enveloped in the data at hand. This is ideal for conducting research in rich layers of geophysical data, or performing group collaborations on complex 3D stereo images.

Barco CADWall

The Barco CADWall has long been the mainstay of reliable, flat screen 3D stereo imagery, and allows an even larger group to take part in collaboration sessions. 3D stereo is rendered in high resolution across the screen, and allows such applications as complete automotive design review, or the creation of virtual reality backgrounds. It is also compatible with Barco’s XDS suite of collaborative hard- and software solutions. 


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