Plug into simplicity - tap into amazing

ClickShare wireless presentation systems.

The easiest way to share big ideas and watch them grow.

Plug into user-friendliness

With ClickShare, you can simply share what's on your laptop or mobile device, on a presentation screen.

With a single click, you transform a meeting into a complete sharing experience, bringing ideas, people and content together. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in.

  1. Connect the button to the USB-port

  2. Click the button to view on screen

  3. Share your work with the meeting

Plug into collaboration

With ClickShare, your meetings will never be the same again.

By encouraging everybody to share, meetings are lifted to a new level - one where big ideas are full nurtured.

Plug into reliability

No cables, no lengthy set-ups, no awkward moments.

ClickShare simply works, every time, just like you expect it. And like everybody expects it, because the product is so intuitive that no training is required. Anyone - including guests - can connect with one click and share right away.

Plug into flexibility

You want to share using a laptop? A tablet? A smartphone?

Whatever device you are using, ClickShare can get your content on the screen. The iconic ClickShare Button is used for laptops, while a dedicated, free app is available for tablets and smartphones. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, it doesn't matter which platform you are using: ClickShare knows it all!

Technical specifications

Use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless bands

Up to 30fps video

Audio sync

Extended desktop for presentations

Connect via the ClickShare app

No software to download

Users are convinced

The ClickShare presentation system not only made inroads in many meeting rooms around the world, it has been lauded with numerous industry awards as well. The secret of its success? It's easy set-up, single button interface, the absence of cables and excellent collaboration features.

It is very easy to connect and display content, from whatever laptop. We truly feel like ClickShare raises the productivity of our meetings. We no longer waste time on technical hick-ups.

Jan Leuridan, CEO, LMS (a Siemens company)

Flavors of ClickShare

  • CS-100

  • Standalone operation
  • 1 x Buttons included
  • 1 x user on screen
  • HDMI out (Full HD) output
  • MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app
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  • CSE-200

  • Standalone or network integration operation
  • 2 x Buttons included
  • 2 x users on screen
  • HDMI out (Full HD) output
  • AirPlay (for non-HDCP content), MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app
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  • CSC-1

  • Standalone or network integration operation
  • 4 x Buttons included
  • 4 x users on screen
  • Dual screen output: DisplayPort (4K) & DVI (ultra-widescreen)
  • AirPlay (for non-HDCP content), MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app
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