Supplier Sustainability Program

In August 2010 Barco launched a Supplier Sustainability Program to engage suppliers to ensure compliance of its products with environmental regulations such as the REACH Directive and other international standards restricting the use of toxic substances.

Since then, all Barco suppliers have been requested to prove their commitment to environmental compliance by sending and exchanging information about the chemical composition of their products.

The reason for the launch of this new way of working is due to the continuous change in environmental regulations. A good example is the REACH Directive, which requires companies to collect chemical composition information in the supply chain every 6 months. This means that as soon as we are informed of the presence of dangerous substances in our products, we need to provide this information to our customers.

As part of the Supplier Sustainability Program, Barco provides its suppliers with a the compliance guideline “Barco Environmental Requirements” explaining what are the obligations set by international environmental standards and how suppliers can set up an environmental management system to handle product compliance.

As part of its proactive approach to environmental compliance, Barco is following the international trend to opt for encouraging suppliers to provide a Full Material Disclosure of chemical substances contained in products. This will avoid efforts in updating suppliers’ certificates and it will help Barco in improving its ecodesign processes by allowing choosing materials that are less harmful to the environment. It will also allow Barco to anticipate future environmental restrictions.

To implement and maintain its environmental data, Barco collaborates with the company Greensoft Technology which provides a tool (Green Data Manager) where environmental data can be stored, maintained and reported.

Barco is also part of the project, a web-based industry platform for exchanging chemical information with the aim of ensuring compliance with RoHS, REACH and other toxic substance restricted by OEMs and industry organizations.

Barco requires from its suppliers to demonstrate the environmental compliance of the products they supply.

As a Barco supplier, you will have to confirm that you commit to environmental compliance and that you agree on providing compliance information for the products you deliver to Barco. You will therefore be contacted by our Procurement Department and asked to sign the ‘Compliance Engagement Form’. By signing this form, you commit to provide Barco with products which are in compliance with worldwide environmental regulations.

Compliance Engagement Form

Barco Environmental Requirements