Digital Cinema - Recertification Specialist & Expert Training

This recertification course provides recertification for Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema projector Installation/Basic Maintenance and the Advanced Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.

Course description

Participants will get in depth knowledge of new products, software features and the latest technologies. Topics include digital cinema theory plus an updated overview of all projector components with major info on the DP4K and DP2KS. There’s now also more focus on the server integration with information on IMB and IMS solutions.
In this recertification there’s extra information on troubleshooting a digital cinema projector setup which includes procedures on how to effectively analyze the projector logs and understand all different configuration and system errors.



This course is only allowed for Barco certified engineers who have Specialist and Expert Certificate which is 2 years older.

Target audience

Enumerated list : field service engineer, helpdesk and NOC engineer,…



Installation and Basic Maintenance

Section 1: Introduction to Digital Cinema

  • Updated DCI Specs and 3D systems
  • Intro on IMB and IMS 

Section 2: Projector Specifications

  • Series 2 Product Line: overview on new Products (8S, 10S, DP4K, DPxKP)
  • IMB and IMS integration solutions
  • New Lenses
  • ACS upgrate 

Section 3: Projector Hardware

  • S series
  • DP4K 

Section 4: Communication Interfaces

  • New Features Communicator
  • Updates on configuration settings
  • Communicator Lite
  • CineMate
  • CineCare Web
  • Doremi IMS GUI 

Section 5: Digital Cinema Installation  – Hands-on

  • Installation differences S Series projector
  • IMS Installation & Configuration
  • IMS shutdown procedure 

Section 6:

  • New My.BARCO.COM
  • You Tube – BARCO TV 

Section 7: Specifying Lenses and Projectors

Advanced Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Section   1:  Safety Procedures 

Section   2:  Communicator Advanced Functions

  • Update on latest communicator version 

Section   3:  Parts Identification

  • Overview Modules S Series 

Section   4:  Board and Module Functionality

  • Extensive explanation of all boards with focus on S series, Post Production Projector and Server Integrated Modules 

Section   5:  Flow Charts and Block Diagrams

  • Shows video, communication and power diagrams
  • Gives a complete boot sequence 

Section   6:  Board and Module Replacement

  • Covers full part replacement procedure for the S series 

Section   7:  Light Processor Repair S Series 

Section   8:  Optical Alignment

  • Cold mirror, light pipe and convergence adjustments of S Series 

Section   9:  Subsystem Diagnostics & On-Site Debugging

  • Troubleshooting procedures for the complete projector range
  • Covers IMB and IMS related to troubleshooting 

Section 10:  Projector Firmware Updates 

Section 11:  Error Code Solutions and Log Files

  • Covers the complete log file analysis 

Section 12:  Scheduled Maintenance 

Section 13:  Testing and Certification


4 days Europe / 3 days US



Spoken language



After successful completion of the exam, the participant receives the certification of the Barco Certified Expert which is valid for the coming 2 years.

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