Image Processing - Barco Certified Specialist – FSN Multi Format

This course provides operational certification for the FSN series multi-format switcher.

Course description

Day 1

  • Multi-format switcher overview
  • System configuration and I/O card functions
  • Control Panel and Multiviewer setup
  • Production Switching Basics
  • Using the Memory Section

Day 2

  • DVE programming
  • Using and mixing Aux buses
  • ScreenPro Plus setup
  • Aux Panels

Day 3

  • Widescreen Setup
  • Managing multiple screens
  • Using Multiple Control Panels
  • Student Hands-on Time
  • Certification Testing




  • HD-SDI signal knowledge
  • Experience with multiple ME broadcast switchers
  • Multi-camera video system engineering
  • High resolution formats
  • Signal routing and distribution
  • Basic computer networking

Target audience



At the conclusion of the class, and completion of successful testing, students will be able to:

  • Set up, program and operate the Barco FSN multi-format switcher.
  • Set up, program and operate the switcher’s DVE system, shot box and memory system.
  • Set up and operate the FSN’s multiviewer monitoring system.


3 days



Spoken language




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Training Schedule

Date Location
7/04/2015 US-FOL Projection Training room 4/4
4/08/2015 US-FOL Projection Training room 3/4
20/10/2015 US-FOL Projection Training room 0/4

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