ClickShare CSE-800 base unit firmware v1.2.0.47


290.37 MB

04 aug '17

ClickShare CSE-800

Release notes

===New feature / Improvements===
  • Annotation and Blackboarding
  • Extension Pack for Extended Desktop
  • Improved auto-update
  • Auto discovery support when using the collaboration management suite
  • Improvements on performance when using 4K HDMI inputs
  • Security fix CVE-2017-9377

  • Minimum required versions of the apps to support moderation and saving of blackboarding/annotation are v2.1.1 (android) and V2.2.1 (ios).

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.2.1.6 public 290.4 MB 11 sep '17 Direct download
v1.2.0.47 (selected) public 290.37 MB 04 aug '17 Direct download
v1.1.0.99 public 292.86 MB 23 may '17 Direct download

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