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A CEO wants to collaborate with his board on the upcoming strategy, even if some of his board members are remote. An HR business partner introduces a new employee to the company with a short presentation. The Product management team is sharing planning and roadmaps on a weekly basis. Each meeting requires a different meeting environment… 

What would all of these meetings rooms have in common? What is a perfect meeting room, one that can also keep up with technology trends in an ever-changing business landscape?

Mindful Design

Whether your offices are designed in a minimalistic, modern, cozy or classic way, the basic requirements for efficient meeting spaces are clear. They should be clean, functional and effective. No clutter, no cables, no extravagant decorations. Easy chairs and a table fit for the correct amount of meeting participants. A screen, large enough for all participants to have a good view on the content shared. More recent the stand-up meeting room and huddle space have made their entrance in the corporate environment. When functionality goes hand in hand with creativity, you have meeting paradise where focus can be on the meeting topic instead of on the surroundings.

Icon Button 60% say that seating position affects their meeting engagement
Icon Button 61% are more engaged in a meeting when the presenter is standing and interacting
Icon Button 43% admits to having dozed off during a meeting

Smart Technology

Meetings today are very different from before: paper is banned and sustainable technology has since long become the main driver for efficiency. Remote participants need to be able to attend. Different presenters need to take the lead during a meeting. Results and presentations should be shared on a screen, visible for all participants, preferable with the possibility to use annotation and whiteboard options as well. Employees and guests bring their own devices. Meeting tech has to be swift, easy to use. You don’t want to lose time with tech issues or call IT every 10 minutes. Flexibility to either present, collaborate or co-create is required. Interactivity features are key. AV equipment and conferencing technology need to wow and deliver!

Icon Button 41% use computers or phones during a meeting
Icon Button 67% are irritated by tech issues in a meeting room 
Icon Button 72% feel that they are more engaged when multimedia is used in meetings

Collaborative Experience

Meetings are the place where you get things done, where you decide, you plan, you share and work together. Where experiences are created, a network is built, a deal is closed and a job gets done. A nice view, healthy snacks or few interruptions can be nice to have, but are surely no showstoppers for efficient meeting culture. Having the right technology however, is a must to keep on creating those great meeting experiences, for both employees and guests.

Icon Button 95% believe presenting well has a wider impact on business
Icon Button 54% report loss of business due to presentations going wrong
Icon Button 88% think having the right technology is key to successful presenting

Perhaps it’s time to reflect upon the meeting culture in your company and to consider creating the perfect meeting rooms for your business success. A meeting room make-over might help you!

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