2017 annual report: from PowerPoints to proof points

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Barco annual report 2017 - cover
2017 marks the introduction of a new strategy with a fresh focus on enabling brighter outcomes for every stakeholder. An ambitious goal, that can only be achieved by a strong say-do mentality in our company culture. With people ‘doing what they say’ and ‘saying what they do’ at the core of our activities, unsurprisingly, ‘Say.Do.’ has become the leitmotif of our latest annual report.
"One of the key vectors in our revamped strategy is a focus on performance. As we advanced into 2017, we saw the first positive results of this quest: Barco is becoming a more effective, leaner, more agile company. To ensure that we achieve our objectives, we continuously strive to narrow the ‘say – do’ gap, turning PowerPoint plans into executed proof points."
Jan De Witte, CEO

The consistent results for 2017 confirm the effectiveness of our go-to-market: a +20% EBITDA increase and an EBITDA margin growth of 1.9 percentage points on flat organic sales. At the same time, our innovations helped us to remain competitive and stay ahead of the pack, while delivering healthy returns on our shareholders’ investments. However, don’t just take our word for it. Check out the full report and discover what we accomplished this past year.

Barco annual report 2017 - key figures

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