Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) is a subsidiary of Schlumberger, the world's leading service provider for the oil and gas industry's exploration and production areas. To help its customers improve their collaborative workflow with SIS's Petrel and LiveQuest software, it needed the right visualization. For this reason, SIS equipped their brand-new customer center in Houston and a smaller demo center in Calgary, Canada, with Barco visualization technology. “Barco's XDS collaboration software allows users to share their display content with a remote or local audience over the network, which makes team analysis of data very easy,” says Aref Al-Faraj, Production Operations Center Solution Champion at SIS. “As two industry leaders, Schlumberger Information Solutions and Barco share a common goal to make oil and gas exploration and production faster, more efficient and more user-friendly,” says Steve Dahl, PetroTechnical Computing Senior Systems Specialist at SIS, “Barco's XDS Control Center collaboration software and their projection technology are unique tools that enable our customers to do so.”