Barco helps take digital dome projection to the next level

Named after the famous Danish astronomer, the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen has been introducing visitors to the secrets of the universe since 1989. And it has invested heavily in technology to support its mission. In 2006, systems integrator Sirius 3D managed a pilot project in which Tycho Brahe became the first theater in the world capable of projecting digital 3D onto the 26-meter dome. The projection was powered by four digital Barco Galaxy 12+ projectors.

Work on the digital 3D projection technology has continued ever since. Over the past few years, the Planetarium conducted a research project focused on increasing the size, resolution, and brightness of its existing projection to ensure the installation would remain cutting-edge. Partner Sirius 3D installed two Barco 4K projectors to obtain a fully DCI-compliant, stereoscopic projection in 4K, on the super-wide planetarium screen.

"Our concept was truly pioneering in 2006 and the installation is a significant step in the evolution of digital dome projection, providing greater flexibility to the theater's programming options to meet its current needs. Yet the technology is still a work in progress and there are many exciting innovations currently underway,” commented Steen Iverson, founder of Sirius 3D. “For example, we believe the development of the IMAX GT Dome Theatre system will be a major technological leap forward. The solution, which is expected to be available over the next few years, will combine IMAX, Kodak, Barco and Sirius technology and will be supported by IMAX's development resources. We anticipate that the resulting ground-breaking laser dome projection system will be the most advanced projection system available - far superior to anything currently on the market."

Note: Steen Iverson is renowned worldwide as one of the industry’s leading digital dome experts. He joined IMAX`s Digital Dome Project in May 2012. Read more.