The Barco projectors are just what we needed to add that extra bit of ‘wow’ to the building.

Waldo Franco
CTO at Auditel

Build a big cultural center where everyone would be welcome to enjoy the arts: that was the dream of the Kirchner couple – Argentina’s former presidents. So in 2015, Buenos Aires’ obsolete Central Post Office was resurrected as the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) – a 115,000m² building featuring over 50 separate exhibitions rooms, a museum of modern art, and, to top it all, an awe-inspiring central concert hall.

Icons of contemporary design
Built in the shape of a whale, the Ballena Azul (‘Blue Whale’) concert hall seats 1,800 and is the new home of the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra. Aside from its enormous size, the magic of this hall lies in the structural design: the hall is suspended in the air, spanning the giant sorting area of the old building. Equally impressive is La Gran Lámpara (‘The Great Lamp’), which also hangs from the ceiling and provides two levels for art exhibitions inside. Both structures combine the elegance of the old postal palace with thrilling, contemporary design. 24 Barco projectors help add bold colors and sharp images in the former sorting hall.

Stunning projector
“As we had good relationships with the clients and, most importantly, many video projection references worldwide, they called in our help to design the video projection,” says Waldo Franco, CTO of AV systems integrator Auditel. Auditel chose a large stack of Barco HDX-W12 projectors. Franco: “The HDX is an absolutely stunning projector. Firstly because the image quality – WUXGA resolution – is amazing and it has extended blending capabilities. In addition, the HDX-W12 comes with a Xenon lamp that offers a 2,500-hour lifetime. Last but not least, it’s easy to operate with a DMX controller or a smartphone or tablet.”

That extra bit of ‘wow
In total, Auditel installed no fewer than 24 Barco HDX-W12 projectors at the Centro Cultural. While 12 projectors display colors, video images, information, feeds of live events, web content, etc. on the curved walls of the Ballena Azul, 12 more use the walls of the Gran Lámpara as a backdrop for information and animation. Everyone involved in the project is delighted with the end result. “This really is one of the most amazing cultural center’s I’ve ever seen. The Barco projectors are just what we needed to add that extra bit of ‘wow’ to the building,” Franco concluded.

Spezielle Merkmale:

Barco solution

  • HDX-W12 projectors

Why Barco?

  • Image quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to operate