The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) is a public organization that functions as a representative, advocate and advisor of Latvia’s local governments. Established in 1991, the association accommodates meetings at its own building in Riga. At the heart of the building is the conference room where LALRG members meet to negotiate, discuss and share insights. Here, the LALRG installed state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions to ensure the best possible meeting experience.

By introducing the wireless Barco ClickShare solution, we solved issues that we had struggled with for years.

Guntars Krasovskis
IT director at LALRG
Searching for a flexible presentation system
Microphones, presentation displays, PanTiltZoom cameras for live streaming and video conferences, equipment for signal switching and a touchscreen control panel all help the LALRG run successful meetings, both on-site and with remote meeting participants. A major challenge when refurbishing the room, however, was to find a user-friendly, high-tech presentation solution that would allow participants to share their content from the 28 workspaces dotted around the room.

Move around, stay connected

The LALRG is used to changing the set-up of its conference room depending on the type of meeting. That means that the tables and, consequently, the workspaces, are moveable, making it especially hard to install a wired presentation system. Our wireless ClickShare CSE-200 system, however, perfectly fits the bill. It allows workspaces to be shifted from one place to another. Moreover, users love the possibility of using wireless tablets and phones to share their content.

Live streams and teleconferences

“By introducing the wireless Barco ClickShare solution, we solved issues that we had struggled with for years. While in the past, every presenter had to plug his/her own computer into a particular workspace, they can now share their content from one of the 28 workspaces with the click of a button – no matter what laptop or mobile device they are using. The system is easy to use and no extra software is needed, making the wireless solution accessible to everyone: both LALRG members and other visitors. And thanks to the seamless installation ensured by SIA Biroteh, we can even use ClickShare to share our presentations in live streams and video conferences,” says Guntars Krasovskis, IT director at the LALRG.

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