I needed a high-resolution viewing solution which could improve the workflow and help me in making a more confident diagnosis.

Dr. Parul Garg
Associate Director (Radiology), Jaypee hospital

In radiology, high-quality medical display monitors for CT, MRI and mammography scans are of utmost importance when it comes to making accurate diagnoses. “I needed a really good high-resolution viewing solution which could improve the workflow and help me in making a more confident diagnosis,” she said.

Believing Barco, which is one of the best on the market, she got in touch via the internet to try out the Barco Nio Color 5.8 MP. After trying out other competitor systems, she decided upon Barco for our combination of good quality and service. The features that sold on the product was how user-friendly it was and how few adjustments needed to be made.

Another added benefit was how timely and efficient the Barco team was in providing the information that she needed, as well as how hands-on Barco sales executives were throughout the process, from the initial online contact to relaying knowledge about the product, right through to training and installation.

Dr. Parul and her colleagues have now been using the system for two years for all their imaging studies. “The images are so good that I feel it is difficult to miss the details with it in use,” she said. What’s more, working with the Barco Nio Color 5.8 MP has enhanced her ability to detect abnormalities, especially fine microcalcifications on a large image, therefore increasing her diagnostic accuracy. “Without any doubt, the speed and accuracy of diagnosis have changed… The images make it really comfortable to segregate cases which are routinely normal, and ones which need special evaluation,” she said.

She also mentioned that she intends to add many more Barco display systems to the department and highly recommends Barco to those considering a similar upgrade or new purchase.

Spezielle Merkmale:

  • Nio Color 5.8 MP
  • Renders excellent color and grayscale images used in general radiology as well 2D and 3D mammography
  • With the integrated smart features like DimViewTM, you can easily take control and improve your productivity
  • SpotViewTM allows focussing on an area of interest to unveil even more details
  • QAWeb guarantees stable DICOM grayscale images and, with SteadyColor, consistent calibrated color images throughout the display’s lifetime