Celebrating our roots in the television media space: from consumer entertainment to patient care


November 21 is World Television Day. Did you know Barco started out in the radio and television industry?  

After investing in the television enterprise in 1945, we positioned ourselves as a leading provider of communications and entertainment solutions. Our continuous innovation and technical perfection attracts customers from all over the world. Barco's Media and Entertainment division soon has an international network of distributors. 


We pride ourselves on developing top-quality products that meet the specific requirements of multiple industries, including the healthcare and entertainment sectors. 

Bringing entertainment to the patient bedside 

Barco's JAO Smart Terminals for interactive patient care

Thanks to our forward-thinking approach, patients can now gain easy access to high-definition television and interactive facilities in a hospital setting. The JAO Smart Terminals have been specially designed for use at the patient bedside. These terminals provide a host of media applications, including innovative triple-play solutions (web, IPTV, VoIP) for patient entertainment and media connectivity.