Brazilian Army training features Barco simulation projectors


Barco and high-tech engineering company Tecnobit have developed Fire Support Simulators (SIMAF) to provide education, training and doctrine to the Brazilian Army’s artillery crews. Tecnobit designed the SIMAF facility comprising three observation rooms, creating a three-projector system with Barco’s high-performance FL32 series models to produce a seamless image covering 150 degrees x 45 degrees on a cylindrical screen. An additional auditorium features three high-performance F-32 projectors presenting on a nine meter x three meter screen.

Highest image quality and reliability for graphically challenging applications
Simulation plays a key role in army training as a more cost-effective and safer alternative to live scenarios designed to prepare battalions for action. “We understand the need for accurate visuals and unfailing performance in these intense simulated environments,” comments Dave Fluegeman, Vice President Simulation for Barco. “Our projectors feature ultra-high resolution, ruggedness, and can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of applications to achieve the highest degree of realism.”