Oct 18, 2017

Experience efficiency with annotation and blackboarding while presenting


1 min Lektüre

For sure, buying ClickShare, Barco’s wireless presentation solution is the start of stress free and far more efficient meetings at your company. With some useful tips and tricks we want to help you and your colleagues to plug into simplicity and tap into amazing.

ClickShare is very easy to use. But for those moments where you're a little in doubt, we've created a number of tutorial videos that will explain everything in full.

Want to know how to use annotation and blackboarding with the CSE-800?

ClickShare enables a true collaborative experience with new features like blackboarding and annotation. Management can discuss presented content and make annotations or notes while doing so, creating an elaborated environment for ideation. How to use it on our boardroom model, the CSE-800?  

How to use it? Learn more in this video.

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