Sep 07, 2018

Baaske Medical becomes a certified global partner of Barco

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Modern IT for the medical sector: Baaske Medical GmbH & Co. KG has been synonymous with safe electrical computer hardware since 2007. For more than ten years, Baaske Medical has been supplying both hospitals and doctors’ practices with medical IT solutions and equipment for the care and treatment of patients.

Thoroughly tested and certified suitable for use in the patient environment, the components and systems supplied by Baaske Medical are demonstrative of how information technology must be used in the healthcare industry: with safety and efficiency.

Entering into a partnership with Barco, Baaske Medical has expanded its portfolio and range with high-quality medical-imaging equipment and solutions produced by Barco for both surgical and diagnostic use.

“We have a strong partner in Barco,” says Andreas Baaske, Managing Director of Baaske Medical. “Just like us, they have established their name through years of innovation and market success around the globe.”

Barco has a reputation for innovation and tirelessly searching for new ways to optimise products and deliver better results and treatments for patients. This is completely reflective of the values at Baaske Medical.

“We are very happy with the partnership,” explains Andreas Baaske. “A collaboration with Barco brings synergies with it that our clients and the healthcare industry as a whole are certain to benefit from.”

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