Jun 14, 2019

More InfoComm fun! Showing we care at Avixa run

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This Infocomm 2019, we did not only showcase the best of our products, we also showed the best of ourselves. No less than 30 Barco employees - about a third of the total number of running participants - joined the race event to benefit the AVIXA Foundation, in partnership with rAVe Publications. Our motivation? A common goal, i.e. “to develop future AV and tech professionals worldwide.” 

Just recently (in March 2019), we launched the “Shape your own future” campaign. A true manifesto meant to ignite a spark in (female) students and get youngsters excited about a tech career. It's just one example of how we show our commitment to the education of tech professionals. 

Stimulating talented youth

But we don't stop there. Barco also supports worldwide initiatives (long-term!) that strengthen education and entrepreneurship. With the iGemba Scholarship Scheme in India, for example, Barco helps pay its employees for the education of their children. We even have an internal end-to-end talent management program to nurture and foster future talent and offer a broad learning program with Barco University for corporate learning. 

"I applaud Barco for their efforts," says Gary Kayye, co-founder and director of THE rAVe Agency. "rAVe has had both a structured college internship program and a youth workforce development program in place for more than 10 years and I’m proud of that. Over that time, we’ve either helped place or mentored over 250 young people into AV. But, I have often felt like we were on a bit of an island with our programs. Now, adding Barco to this initiative will bring massive momentum at just the right time!"

In short, stimulating talented youth and closing the gap between rich and poor is what we strive for. It’s how we enable young potentials to shape their own future. 

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