Barco und COVID-19

Seit Beginn des Ausbruchs des Coronavirus im Januar in China hat Barco ein globales Reaktionsteam eingerichtet, das die Geschäftstätigkeit des Unternehmens täglich überwacht und unterstützt und sich sowohl auf die Sicherheit und Gesundheit seiner Mitarbeiter als auch auf die Gewährleistung der Geschäftskontinuität konzentriert.

Diese Seite soll Ihnen weitere Informationen darüber bereitstellen, wie unser internationales Unternehmen mit den Herausforderungen in Verbindung mit der globalen Pandemiesituation.

Lesen Sie die vollständige Pressemitteilung.

Safeguarding the health of our employees

Taking into account local or regional sanitary & health regulations, the company strengthened personal hygiene measures throughout the organization, as well as business travel restrictions. Barco also expanded its home-work protocol and implemented social distancing measures for employees in all its production facilities.

These remarkable times require out-of-the-box thinking from all of us. As a manufacturer of remote conferencing tools and virtual classroom technologies, we have everything at our and your disposal to stay in touch with colleagues and shareholders, even from a distance.

Continuous commitment to our customers

Yes, most of our employees are working from home these days, but we still have you covered! Our teams are committed to be as responsive as before for your support requests during the weeks and months ahead. Our helpdesk remains accessible via the known channels for technical assistance and service enquiries. We've got it all summed up for you in this article.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand strong together to overcome these turbulent times. And so, if there’s anything else we can do to support you in these challenging times, please reach out! You can count on us! 

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