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Barco hat sich mit den besten Business Schools und Universitäten der Welt zusammengetan. Unser Ziel: ein leistungsfähiges Fernunterrichtssystem entwickeln, das ein Live-Erlebnis bietet. Erfahren Sie, warum die IESE Business School sich für weConnect Virtual Classroom entschieden hat.

Erleben Sie unseren Virtual Classroom

Ähnlich wie der Unterricht im Klassenzimmer 

Ansprechend und interaktiv 

Sehen Sie, wie EdTech die Bildung gestaltet 

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For whom

Corporate Learning & Development 

How can we provide a richer, more engaging remote learning experience, how can we improve the corporate training outcome? 

Business School

How can we extend the unique Business School experience to remote learners? How can we widen the reach and differentiate the value proposition of our specific School? 

Bring your world-class education to the world

Expand your school’s offering with a distance learning experience that’s up to your own high standard. Get upto 112 learners in each virtual space, the world becomes your playground: you'll be able to reach out to talents everywhere. Plus, you’ll receive analytics insights on engagement to further improve your offering.

Provide a virtual front-row learning opportunity

Experience a virtual classroom that’s just as good as attending a live class. Your learners will engage in a live and collaborative environment that’s designed for groupwork and sharing, while their active participation is encouraged with polls and quizzes.

Enhance the teaching experience

Access to Chrome is all you need – no apps, no software, no hassle – to upgrade your virtual classroom experience with Barco weConnect. Easily encourage and moderate the collaboration in your class to increase interaction and success of all your learners.

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See for yourself how the weConnect Virtual Classroom is built around learner and teacher needs. Discover a brand-new learning experience that triggers engagement and collaboration. 

What you will discover in this session: 

  1. How distance learning is shaping education
  2. Comments and questions from peers in your field
  3. What the virtual classroom feels like as a participant
  4. How engagement is essential for the best learning outcomes
  5. How engagement metrics bring new insights to your courses

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