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The total package

Whatever your environment, configuration or application, Barco’s advanced video wall solutions provide both the display and the compatible peripherals users need to deliver impactful visual experiences.

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Your wall, your way

Barco goes the extra mile in developing customized visualization solutions tailored to accommodate any infrastructure and business requirement. This includes pre-sales, project engineering and project management services.

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Unmatched images

A video wall is only as valuable as the content it showcases. Barco’s visualization business is built on our commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class, in-house engineered in the EU and US, image processing technologies.

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Superior service

Through our comprehensive warranty, hassle-free maintenance and consultative support, our partners and end-customers can feel confident that Barco is their ally for the long haul.


Our Pulse platform is packed with features that will improve the overall customer experience, improve picture quality and simplify integration;


Barco Residential has a unique way to detect and manage aspect ratios within our cinemascope projectors called Cropping.
Pairing with a supported control system, results in minimal user interaction when selecting aspect ratios for projector and screen.  


Barco’s web interface: Prospector, provides quick and simple configuration and calibration of Pulse projectors, along with monitoring and diagnostic tools. 
Pulse prospector is available in all the Pulse based products.


Bragi Cinemascope's Light engine is not using lamp's or lasers, it is using LED's, more correctly ColorSpark HLD LED's. These HLD RGB LED's are used in a new engine developed by Barco. This technology emits four times the light of regular LED technology.

Warp & Blend

Warping is the process of digitally manipulating an image to compensate for alignment distortions. Blending allows multiple projectors to be seamlessly combined to create unique digital canvas solutions.


RealColor is Barco's proprietary color management system, enabling simple and accurate calibration to your desired color gamut or white point. 


Low latency is desirable to achieve that smoother gameplay and user experience we all want, without input lag. If latency is >30ms, your gaming experience will be compromised, Barco’s latency is <20ms (including all image processing).

Basic Product Support

Below you can find some basic product support, like latest available firmware for the product, control drivers and brochures.

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