Big Mansion in Las Vegas

This amazing mansion is located in Las Vegas, it is a 30 000 square foot home. It has a beautiful 16 seat theater with a 200 inch 16:9 screen, a Loki projector and a full Dolby Atmos surround sound system. The theater alone is half a million dollars, all in.

The house is also equiped with a few other very nice architectural Integrated solutions. One of them is a dual dropdown screen and a hidden projector.
The dual screen system can be used as a front and a rear projection system. You can either lie in the bed and use the front projection screen or sit outside on the terrasse and use the rear projection screen. To be able to do this, you need a bright and powerful projector. Barco Balder was the choice for this install.

Screen is provided by Screen innovation and projector used is the Loki projector

Front view drop down screen from Stewart Filmscreen powered by a Balder

Rear view drop down screen from Stewart Filmscreen powered by a Balder

The mansion is also presented here, see below links