How to change the wallpaper

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The ClickShare wallpaper is mainly used to show people how to use the system, but it can also be applied to welcome visitors, or even to spread company information and motivational posters. This video shows how easy this is.

  1. Login to the ClickShare configurator by surfing to the IP address of your Base Unit.

  2. Go to Personalisation > Wallpaper.

  3. Select a default wallpaper or upload a personalized wallpaper.

    The upload file should be a JPEG, PNG (not applicable in CSC-1 and CSM-1 Base Units), BMP, or TIFF format with a maximum size of up to 2.5MB.

    For CX devices, the upload file should be a JPEG or PNG format with a maximum size of up to 10MB.

    For best image quality make sure to always use the image of the size of the native resolution of the display.

  4. Click Save Changes in the upper right corner.



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