Barco Certified Sales Professional - Clickshare Conference CX range

This certification training on Clickshare Conference CX range will make you understand product the portfolio towards sales value, functionality, installation, market position, competition.


Product portfolio overview
Functionality /sales value overview
The new product range                          
Deep dive in line up App, Button, Smartcare, MVPs
Deep dive in product deployment, Competition, analytics & insights
Hands on session (installation + use)
Tech. specs
Marketing kit, enablement


Basic Understanding of Networking:
IP, subnet, DHCP, V-LAN, Proxy server, Firewall, Wi-Fi, Security Modes,… .

IMPORTANT: You are requested to validate your networking knowledge using the networking assessment that you can access here. If you score lower than 70%, we strongly recommend that you also join our 1-day Networking Essential training which is usually taking place just before the Barco product training, but requires a separate registration.


Installation engineers, IT profiles, all interested for Barco /partners, resellers, larger end-users.


At the end of the class, you will be able to install, configure and manage Clickshare Conference CX range.


0.5 day


Free of charge

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Barco Certified Sales Professional (valid for 2 year from the date of issuance)


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Donnerstag, 16. September 2021 12 Registrieren

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