Barco Certified Specialist - Clickshare

This certification training on Clickshare explains the product towards functionality, installation, management and configuration.


NOTE: AVIXA RU points to be earned : 3
Understanding CS product portfolio towards functionality, installation, management & config. Focus is on CSE-800.
Tips & tricks on use/config,
Clickshare Configuration
Wi-Fi management
Integration in the Corpor. Network, hands-on basic level.
Top 5 issues
Management suite use
Security on HW, OS, application level
Hints for sales profiles


Basic Understanding of Networking:
IP, subnet, DHCP, V-LAN, Proxy server, Firewall, Wi-Fi, Security Modes,… .
Bring your own laptop

IMPORTANT: You are requested to validate your networking knowledge using the networking assessment that you can access here. If you score lower than 70%, we strongly recommend that you also join our 1-day Networking Essential training which is usually taking place just before the Barco product training, but requires a separate registration.


Sales related people, project managers,… .
Introduction for Sales/Installation engineers, IT profiles, all interested in the installation/management and configuration side of Clickshare.


At the end of the class, you will be able to install, configure and manage Clickshare.


1 day


Free of charge

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Barco Certified Specialist

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