Barco Certified Specialist - HDX - Operation and Application (Only available in US)

This certification training course provides video technicians and projectionists the required skills to successfully install, configure, operate and do basic maintenance on the HDX series of projectors.


Day 1

  • Terminology
  • Technologies
  • Optical adjustments
  • Image geometry & mechanical alignment
  • Tools and Safety
  • Lens formulas & lens calculator
  • Introduction to the large venue projectors
  • Projector specifications
  • Projector installation
  • Power requirements & safety
  • Projector components
  • 3D applications
Day 2

  • Menu structure overview (menu tree & remote control)
  • IP settings
  • Different lenses & installation
  • Overview of the Toolset
  • Image files via Toolset
  • Layout files (different lens files)
  • Optical/mechanical position
  • Warp alignment of the blend zone
  • Image file editing
  • Luminance alignment (Z-axis and lamp power)
  • Chrominance alignment (custom color balance/input balance/color space)
  • Soft edge blending: white level/black level 
  • Rigging and stacking projectors

Day 3

  • Software updates
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Internal service test patterns
  • Lamp house replacement
  • Convergence adjustment
  • Scheimpflug adjustment
  • Maintenance
  • Diagnostic LEDs on the boards/voltages/temperatures
  • App to control the projector
  • Flex Projector
  • Stability improvements on the HDQ
  • Hush kit for the HDX projector
Theoretical examination
Practical examination 


The operation and installation of general audio visual products
The basic principles of transmission of light through optical elements


Video technicians


Installation engineers


At the conclusion of the class, and completion of successful testing, students will be able to:

  • Install, set up, and operate HDX projection systems
  • Perform basic maintenance on HDX projection systems


3 days



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Barco Certified Specialist (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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