This certification training course provides technical persona’s further expertise on the Barco OpSpace solution.  It covers more advanced configuration and troubleshooting topics. 

Day 1:
-    Redundancy
-    Advanced Settings
-    Multi-head sources
-    System Sync Manager

Day 2:
-    Advanced Troubleshooting
-    Logs analysis
-    API
-    Exam

Target Audience

Installation and Service Engineers


  • Completion of the ‘Barco OpSpace – Certified Technical Specialist’ training.
  • A laptop to perform the installation from (preferably one that you can install software on).
  • Basic knowledge of networking, Linux and video encoding/decoding is a plus.



The goal of this training is to:
-    Gain more advanced knowledge regarding installing, configuring and troubleshooting of an OpSpace system!
-    Being able to respond effectively to technical questions from your Customers.

Von Barco zertifizierter Experte

Barco Certified Expert - OpSpace (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
Weitere Informationen
Schulungsformat: Klasseninterne Schulung
Dauer: 1.5 days
Preis: €1050
Gesprochene Sprache: ENG

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