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For service providers

  • Pro-active maintenance: predict and prevent component failures and perform maintenance pro-actively for increased uptime
  • More first-time fixes: faster issue identification and correction thanks to remote access
  • Higher service efficiency: service providers are able to perform new service tasks and speed up existing ones
  • More accurate billing: bill service for the actual consumed time, resources and equipment
  • Enhance service workflow: integrated with cinema service and existing tools
  • Insight into asset performance: instantly check the status of every device, get accurate info on the current situation
  • Prove SLA1 compliance: objective evidence of interventions, actions, uptime…
  • Security and traceability: secure, traceable data and actions, with log files per user and unit

For exhibitors

  • Higher system uptime: increased uptime thanks to pro-active maintenance and issue diagnosis
  • OPEX2/TCO3: fewer on-site service personnel required
  • Up-to-date software: thanks to periodic maintenance, software is always up-to-date
  • Security: as the need to connect external laptops is reduced, fewer external personnel will enter your theater
  • Specialized reporting: both retro-active (what is the current status of my equipment?) and pro-active (which maintenance should I plan when?)
  • Ease of mind: 100% confidence in your digital cinema equipment
  • Problem follow-up: portal access to follow up issues
  • Guaranteed updates: automatic software updates

For integrators

  • Clear overview: one dashboard for all your cinema equipment
  • Global access and control: central management with minimum effort
  • Easy-to-use: fast setup and minimal configuration
  • Proof of SLA1 compliance: neutral and accurate data
  • Always connected: optimum asset management from anywhere, anytime
  • Strategic tool: clear overview of the installed base for improved sales

1 Service Level Agreement - 2 Operating Expense - 3 Total Cost of Ownership

CineCare Web

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