In February 2005, Barco has been selected by the Shipping Assistance Division of the Ministry of the Flemish Community to build a new Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre in Ostend together with Fabricom GTI and Tein Telecom.

Barco delivers an integrated monitoring system combining an advanced version of OPScenter VTS with an Incident Management System and a Search & Rescue module. With the new system, operators will be able to display traffic data coming from different external sensor sites such as the “Schelderadarketen” (Scheldt radar chain). In case of an incident, the MRCC can rely on a lean, reliable and cost-effective Incident Management System, which fully supports all Port Control and Maritime Rescue activities.

Along with its role as maritime co-ordination centre, the new MRCC will also be used as incident room and press information centre. For this purpose, Barco will install a large-scale high-resolution OverView display with the Argus graphical controller and Apollo display wall management software, providing 24/7 operational capability with multiple inputs and adjustable screen layout functionalities.