As a major player in the dynamic IT industry, Adesso wants to ensure that the many meetings and presentations in its Munich office proceed as smoothly as possible. After a disappointing experience with a wireless audiovisual collaboration solution, the IT consultancy was wary when Kiessling Medientechnik proposed ClickShare. Yet a quick trial convinced Adesso that wireless, cost-effective, reliable and flexible solutions are indeed possible.

Our meetings are more flexible, with less wasted time and tech support compared with wired installations.

Andreas Wanner
Infrastructure team member at Adesso
Convinced by a short demonstration
As the tables and seating plans in Adesso’s two Munich conference rooms are changed constantly, the company wanted a flexible, wireless presentation solution. The first solution they tried did away with the clutter of cables, yet it didn’t function properly. ClickShare was something completely different, though. After a short test, Adesso felt confident to invest in our wireless collaboration system, on account of its ease-of-use, customizability and the responsive Barco software support.

Tailored solutions for dynamic spaces
Adesso’s conference room now features two ClickShare systems, which work together with two WUXGA projectors. The room can be used in one large space or divided into two separate spaces, each with one projector/ClickShare. In any room configuration, ClickShare makes it easy for its over 30 users to display content via the projector(s).

“We love this solution. Our meetings are more flexible, with less wasted time and tech support compared with wired installations – which is strategically very important to us,” asserts Andreas Wanner of the Adesso infrastructure team.

Adesso has 11 offices in total, and is planning on making ClickShare the standard AV solution company-wide. ClickShare, for its part, is definitely ready for more Adesso. The set-up in Munich is already Adesso-branded: the background screen of the ClickShare systems as well as the skins of the ClickShare Buttons have been customized to feature the firm’s corporate identity, logo and the name of the conference room.


Barco solution

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Why Barco?

  • Flexible, wireless solution
  • Ease of use
  • Software support